Tuesday 29 May 2018

The figures are nice but not the most interesting thing...

These were a reasonably recent eBay purchase. Good original figures nicely painted in a style which matches well with mine. Though I must have at least a hundred foot guards in bearskin by now.

But the really interesting thing was the hand made fitted box they came in. made by the seller's late father, they took me back to when if you wanted something you had to make it yourself - no kickstarters or cottage industry wargames companies. The box is beautifully made out of what I think is artists mounting board, among other things. I have two other purchases from this seller, both with boxes - another Hinton Hunt foot unit and an S range French cavalry box, which is substantially larger.

The fitted boxes reminded me of one of my all time favourite eBay purchases, from a good few years ago, which was a series of Jacklex Colonial artillery and equipment in a purpose made plywood box.

As ever apologies for pictures which are not the best.


Aly Morrison said...

I have also bought from this seller... and I am not sure what I liked the most ... the lovely toys or the boxes that they came in.
They are so well made that they are a sellable item in their own right... a delightful example from a world less rushed.

All the best. Aly

Matt said...

We all seem far too busy these days (with our labour saving devices) to make this kind of thing.