Friday, 1 July 2011

Napoleonic Units: Hesse Darmstadt Regiment Gross und Erbprinz, second battalion

This second battalion of Gross und Erbprinz has taken an age to complete. This time I remembered to use the original Hinton Hunt painting instructions. I also used Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue to distinguish them from the first battalion (Vallejo Prussian Blue).The rank and file are Der Kriegspielers (thanks George) and command are vintage Hinton Hunts. I think I may do a mounted colonel using one of my vintage Garrison Wellington figures. The flag needs redoing now I have changed the ink cartridges in my printer.

The plan will be to brigade these together with the first battalion and the Badeners (who are still waiting for their officers). They may also find themselves operating together with the Bavarians - thanks to the generosity of Paul in Oz these now stretch to three small battalions.


Paul said...

Hi Clive,
This is a very nice looking unit

well done !

but how do you churn them out so quick ?


lewisgunner said...

Very nice unit. One of the best HH figures too.

Based upon the article in Tradition years ago i think you could give some white ticken trousers with stripes.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Paul - these have actually been sitting round for a couple of months waiting to be finished. Roy - based on the article I could, based on my painting skill I couldn't...