Saturday, 10 September 2011

Coming soon...

I realise it is quite a time since the last post on this blog. This is partly because most of the figures in the Hinton Hunt ranges have now been posted, so this has become more a site of record than a developing one. However, a recent joint purchase of a long standing Hinton Hunt collections has provided access to more than 60  of the original painting instruction sheets. By far the largest group are for French figures - in particular the personality figures are well covered - but there are also significant numbers of Prussian, Austrian and Russian ones, and only two British

The next set of posts will therefore be of these painting instructions, as and when I receive scans of them. The preservation of some of this ephemeral information has always been one purpose of this blog so this is a very welcome development.

I will be giving some thought over how best to present these.

The next post will also be something of a landmark anyway, as it will be the 1000th post on the Hinton Hunter. Watch this space for those painting instructions.


Stryker said...

Hi Clive - that's great news about the painting instructions as I've just been thinking it's about time to paint up some more personality figures!


johnpreece said...

999 posts and still we eagerly anticipate the next one. congratulations.