Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Thanks to Paul in Oz for a number of reinforcements - first, and most marvellously, 6BN 213 British Light Dragoons in tarleton helmets - top of my list of wanted figures - if anyone has any BN 206 Heavy Dragoons in cocked hat they want to send me that would be wonderful too! I know have 6 battalions of British infantry in stovepipe shakos so having some of the earlier British cavalry gives me an reasonably sized accurate British early war/Peninsular force.

Only marginally less marvellous are 16 marching Bavarians plus officer, which will bring my Bavarians up to full Regimental (brigade) strength. I know I had an idea of painting up a spare Prussian adc as a Bavarian general, I will have to have another look at Knotel to see if this is feasible.

Equally valuable are some Russian gunners and three very nice pairs of French artillery horses. All are very valuable items in bringing some of my national contingents up to strength and I am very grateful to Paul.

I have also added the picture to the previous post for BN 213.


LouisC said...

I think the light dragons are very rare, never seen them. I see the example shown has classic Hinton disease, mold breakage. Space between body and sword and space between leg and carbine missing. These must be original hintons, no one else would have sold figures in this conditon. You have a lot of carving to do, but they will be nice when they are done.

Thanks for showing this. Cheers. Lou

Paul said...

Hi Clive
the Saxon curassiers and other lads arrived today, very pleased to finally have these in my collection