Monday, 20 September 2010

Napoleonic Units: Hesse Darmstadt Regiment Gross und Erbprinz

This unit is made up of Der Kriegspieler rank and file, with two original (early) Hinton Hunt officer castings, together with a David Clayton figure converted to carry the standard. The two singly-based officer figures are also Clayton castings. The flag is the home brewed one from Tony's Prometheus in Aspic blog, which turned up on the day I was completing the command group.

More predictably, I painted these figures without remembering I had previously posted Marcus Hinton's painting instructions for officers and men, and the Almark Modelworld uniform article here.


MSFoy said...

Come on Clive - get that printer sorted! That's nothing like the flag you downloaded - the experts will be sending you flak within hours...

Nice unit, though!


The Old Metal Detector said...

It won't recognise the replacement yellow cartridge (exactly the same as the one that was in). When I put the old one back in it charged ink, said it was 60% full, and printed with no yellow. Wasn't the Indian Mutiny started by cartridges?