Sunday, 19 September 2010

Let's not be precious, my preciouses...

Over on his new Prometheus in Aspic blog, Tony has posted with some trepidation what seem to me to be some entirely realistic views and experiences with Hinton Hunt figures.

Lest we get too precious about them in their current vogue, it is good to remember some words of John G Garrett from his World Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers, published by Frederick Muller Limited in 1981.

With a certain charming dryness (and writing as a model soldier collector, rather than wargamer) Garratt wrote:

"He was one of the earliest makers of wargame figures, which are still in great demand, and are of good quality when properly cast, but unfortunately many are issued that are so heavy with flash as to be unacceptable to the collector...Hinton himself is one of the characters of the trade, and in this his whimseys are aided and abetted by his wife"


Maverick Collecting said...

"...a certain charming dryness "

Which he was always only too keen to fling in the general direction of ALL plastics!!!!

Stryker said...

Well, sadly it's a fair assessment but when you come across one of those early original clean cast figures there's nothing that can beat them!