Saturday, 25 July 2009

Prussian National Contingent: Engineers

I am rather proud of my Prussian engineers, after a plate by Knotel in Elting. The figures are led by a PN30 artillery officer looking through spy-glass, and are PN5 Line Infantry advancing, separate musket. I didn't have the muskets so have replaced them with Jacklex items from Peter Johnstone at Spencer Smith Miniatures. Ideally these should be carbines, and I only realised after I had plastidipped the finished figures I had painted the slings white instead of brown.Spades came from Raventhorpe. I am intending these figures to man a HaT Pontoon Wagon or two to provide a bridging train; I am just finishing some old Minifigs S Draught Horses to pull them.

Completing this Prussian project has been delayed a week or so waiting for the muskets and spades to complete these figures.

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