Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Notes on the Polish Army, Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1815 part 1, Miniature Warfare August 1968

A little off topic as not specifically Hinton Hunt related, but in 1968 where else would you have got the figures for a Polish army? This two part series from Miniature Warfare, written by W J Fiedler, aimed to help those wishing to build such an army for the Napoleonic Wars. I must admit that the Poles are among my favourite Hinton Hunt Napoleonics. I have a sizeable number and at some point I must try to organise them. I hope these articles will help.


Clive said...

Hi Clive,
I should have commented before on your fantastic contribution to all things old style. Congratulations on a job very well done.
Clive [N]

The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks Clive. Now if you just want to send me pictures of all those S Range figures you were collecting for the Lone S Ranger...



Clive said...

I'm just recovering from walrus flu and then I'm off to Italy for a couple of weeks.
However, I intend to make a start on just that on my return.
I've been gradually painting through my collection so I'll start with those.

Rafael Pardo said...

I love these old articles!
Thanks for sharing