Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The proprietor and his shop

Thanks to Martin for this photograph


lewisgunner said...

REf swords I make them from staples. You can buy various sizes and thicknesses and they are straight.
Flatten out the staple with hammer.
Cut to length
Sharpen end
Smooth other end
drill hole in hand
Glue staple in hand with just the tiniest bit of the smoothed end showing through.
et Voila
Curved sword sharpen along one edge only and bend a little.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks Roy, I'll try that (although 192 sabres have just arrived from Musket Miniatures). I can see staples working well as they are flat not round to start with and maybe the metal flattens more easily than modern pins? Will especially keep it in mind for heavy cavalry swords