Monday, 9 February 2009

Hinton Hunt Painting Instructions: Austrian Napoleonics

Thanks to Ian from the Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargames Figures blog for providing some more original Hinton Hunt painting instructions, this time for some of the Austrian Napoleonic figures. They have been posted below, and also added to the posts for the relevant figures.

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thistlebarrow said...

The first, and last, time I saw Hinton Hunt painting instructions was in 1969 when I bought one along with my first wargame figures - also Hinton Hunt of course.

I knew nothing about Napoleonic uniforms then, and would not have known where to start without the instructions.

Even then they looked old fashioned and amateur. And my copy was immediately pensioned off when I found a copy of "Tradition" in my local library with all of those wonderful colour photographs of beautiful models.

And within a short time "Funken" volume 1 and 2 became my favourite painting source. They were used so often the pages finally fell out.

Despite all of that, lovely to see the Hinton Hunt painting instructions again - brought back instand warm memories.