Saturday, 15 February 2014

Interesting Dutch lancers

I recently acquired these two interesting Dutch lancers on ebay. I couldn't quite work them out from the photograph - obviously some conversion work had been done on them - but when they arrived, all became clear thanks to clear codes on the base - the one on the left is FN 41, the trumpeter, with an added lance, while the other is FN 43 lancer charging, but with a replacement lance.

In some circles it is almost sacrilege to suggest converting Vintage HH figures could be a good thing, but you only need to look at what Peter Gilder achieved with his to realise the potential within these figures, particularly the one piece casting cavalry ones, even just with the addition of pin swords.


lewisgunner said...

Good point Clive. Converting used to be part of the fun. Guys would turn up with interesting variations, sometimes only with paint such as painting on epaulettes with a thick coat or two.

I am considering whether to convert those guard grenadiers that I had from you into something with a swapped head. They could have bicornes, perhaps? Or I might just make them into Dutch

Vintage Wargaming said...

Roy, coincidentally I picked up some interesting Dutch Grenadiers in a lot with some early Lamming Chasseurs a Pied on ebay last week. They turned out to be Springwood Plastics and very nice they are too - will post a photograph sometime.

Guard Grenadiers with bicorne sound very good and campaign-ready.

Steve -Hinton Hunt Napoleonics said...

Converting is one thing, but I am sitting out here on the far left coast of Canada, hoping to paint my original Hinton Hunt Napoleonic collection that I purchased in the 60's & 70's direct from Marcus Hinton when I lived in UK. Unfortunately, Canada is not a place for table top wargaming, let alone Napoleonic wargaming. I would love to chat with any contacts in USA & Canada with information on Hinton Hunt figurines, wargaming & any way to contact David Clayton in Georgia, as the given e-mail appears to be a fail. There is nothing like seeing the armies arranged, painted (I'm slow at completing this!), and fighting using WRG rules.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Steve, if you are wanting to contact David Clayton to purchase figures, you may not know he no longer has the moulds as he sold them several years ago. Also I anm not clear from your comment whether you are aware of Ian's Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures blog ( - if not there is much there I am sure you will like.

Tanya Hinton said...

It's so lovely to see my fathers work is still being collected. It would make him so happy and it makes me very proud. Thank you for keeping his name alive. Tanya Hinton

Steve -Hinton Hunt Napoleonics said...

Sorry to have missed this comment until now. I always found Marcus to be helpful on the few occasions I was able to ask questions on the telephone back last century! I wish there was a way now to "fill in" some of the models I should have purchased from him in the 70's, as the only person I saw selling bulk packages of the Hinton Hunt models (likely from the old molds?) in USA it seems, has never responded to my letters, and "no" I did not send money before hearing back. David Clayton seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

I will use the link to Ian Hinton from the comment above, thanks. Any other news greatly appreciated