Saturday, 8 January 2011

Russian National Contingent finished: Pavlov Grenadiers

The last of my Russian contingent, almost two battalions of Pavlov Grenadiers. The marching figures are all nice early Hinton Hunt original castings; the charging battalion are also originals. The standard bearer is one of the conversions issued by David Clayton.

Possibly they could do with one more gun crew (they only have one, and a three man crew at that) but I now regard my Russian contingent as painted, and even catalogued. Total strength is 215 foot and 66 mounted figures, with two guns and limbers (which are Newline Designs).

Next up will be the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. These are mostly painted, I need to paint around 20-30 remaining figures and allocate them to complete units. The infantry include some Alberken/Minifigs 20mm figures. At present the cavalry resources are two regiments of lancers and one of cuirassiers, all Alberken/Minifigs 20mm figs (though I have a few Hinton Hunt separate arm lancers who I may add to this force). I am also considering transferring a Hinton Hunt Chasseur regiment.


Stryker said...

Congratulations on finishing a contingent, and one of such a respectable size - any chance of a photo of the whole force? My own Russian force is pretty weedy in comparison and still some way from completion...


The Old Metal Detector said...

Ian, I haven't found a good way of photographing the whole lot. I will give it a go when I have done the Poles - I have just been cataloguing them, 19 figures to paint. Currently when finished they will come in at 388 foot and 41 mounted. No artillery so they will have to have French guns attached.


lewisgunner said...

Strange isn't it, we all have the pavlov grenadiers. I know that they look good, but it would be nice to have a Russian drummer and standard bearer and maybe some troops in the shako slightly earlier than the kiver that was right for Borodino.

Still impressive figures en masse Clive!