Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hinton Hunt infills

Although one of the striking things about Hinton Hunt wargames figures was the sheer depth of the range, inevitably there were some troop types which were not covered. Over the years some collectors have developed their own converted figures which have then been cast to fill in some of these gaps.

The pictures show three types of these figures in my possession: an American Civil War officer converted from a Napoleonic French officer in greatcoat; some early Napoleonic Spanish light infantry in hussar dress; and Spanish Lancers de Cremona. The horses on these last seem to be based on medieval horses and are straight out of Bueno.

David Clayton also added figures from conversions while he was producing the range. These can be a little strange - Russian light infantry from Swedes - or in fact very poor (marching British marines made from marching French infantry with Swedish head swaps - maybe left over from the previous conversion?)

Anyway, I like these Spanish figures particularly. Other approaches have included the commissioning of compatible figures - eg the Indian Sepoys shown elswehere here, or even whole ranges, such as Ron's Hinton Compatibles here.

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