Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mysterious WN 13 variant

Another slightly mysterious figure is this advancing Polish infantryman. I have seven of these figures, which came without muskets. They don't look as though these have been removed, so I suspect they were cast open handed. I had assumed they were home cast pirated versions, but on undercoating them I realised they were very crisp castings, and don't have misshapen bases, often a sign of the pirated figure. I don't think I have imagined the presence of epaulettes, which has led me to paint them up as voltigeurs. From the same source I have a similar open handed advancing Prussian infantryman.

It is hard to find suitable replacement muskets for Hinton Hunt figures (often the "separate musket" figures have been separated from their muskets by several decades). Here I have used Jacklex colonial rifles, which while not ideal serve perfectly well, I think.

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