Sunday, 31 May 2009

British Infantry in Stovepipe Shakos

Probably if I had the choice all my British infantry would be from the range catalogued as 1801-11, in stovepipe shakos (BN 171 and 174-177). Unfortunately, Belgic Shakoed Waterloo era troops were bought and manufactured in far greater numbers, while ficures such as musicians and colour bearers were not provided.

I did manage to acquire one unit of vintage castings, and then around 60 or so Clayton castings of BN 177 privates, marching. I painted the original castings some time ago and have just completed the Clayton figures, as the 30th and 45th Foot, with a half battalion of the Dirty Half Hundreds (5oth Foot). My massed early infantry are assembled here - they could also serve in India as European regiments of John Company.

The two pictures are of the same troops, from slightly different angles.


lewisgunner said...

The sepoys are lovely. Are they purchaseable or swoppable?/

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Roy, they are available, have e-mailed you some info