Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sword replacement #3 - my new method

As mentioned below I received a parcel of goodies from Musket Miniatures (ex-Stone Mountain) in the States today. The main reason for ordering these was to find some suitable artillery pieces to match up with the Hinton Hunt ACW crews I completed earlier as the first step in the ACW project. I also took the opportunity to order some caissons, limbers and horse crews, some resin tents, and a number of small arms packs - one of Springfield and Enfield rifles, and three containing cavalry weapons - carbines, pistols and sabres. Each of these contains 6 pistols 8 carbines and ten swords, five drawn and five in scabbards. This may be an expensive way to obtain these items, as although you could do something with the swords in scabbards as well, you get a lot of other things you may not need with your swords, then you have to wait for them to come from the States and battle with the exchange rate. Another option (also Stateside) would be the RSM 20mm sabres and 25mm cavalry swords which can be obtained from the Dayton Painting Consortium. Although I have used some of their other accessories I have not seen their swords but will be interested to get some and try them out.

I cut away the handle of one of the sabres with a pair of side cutters, leaving the guard attached to the blade. I then removed any traces of the guard from the figure (unfortunately for this blog I was using an S Range officer). The sword hilt and guard were then sufficient to form a strong joint when bonded with superglue. I am very pleased with the result, which is the best sword replacement I have ever managed, after some very unconvincing pin ones. The method will work where the sword hand remains relatively intact

The two pictures show the repaired figure, alongside one in a similar original state, with some of the Musket Miniature swords.


DC said...

Cunning...and very effective - i may have to steal that idea at some point. BTW, the RSM 25mm swords are rather chunky so i doubt you would be happy with them for 20mm figures. I'll dig some out and send you a few.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi DC, that's very kind. I was thinking of the 25mm ones for eg Minifigs S Range repairs, particularly cavalry; I have seen some of the RSM 20mm items (also ACW)and I believe swords are listed - would try these for HH. Also of course it may be worth approaching Musket Miniatures (as these items are very good) and seeing if they would be amenable to a special order of swords only.



Don said...

Nice work Clive. Not long ago I got around to opening a box of Fine Scale Factory artillery personnel that I purchased years ago. I discovered that the ramrods were missing. I found that Musket Miniature's ramrods worked perfectly as replacements. I would be quite surprised if Jim McCarron at MM did not work with you regarding a special order. He has always been very helpful to me in that regard.

Borderreiver said...

I am quite impressed with this ploy and my immagination is working overtime! Musket Miniatures do a few battlefield litter packs and these could source conversion material for:- officers and trumpeters for old figures that did not merit the production of such frivolity and even a carbine armed second rank for a regiment of Minifigs Fench Guard Scout Lancers I am working on - if I every get around to it!