Saturday, 28 February 2009

Artillery digression #2

These pictures are of a Hinchliffe 20mm British Napoleonic 10" howitzer with a Hinton Hunt Royal Artillery crew. They form part of the siege train I am trying to build up. I have two eighteen pounders from Fine Scale factory, but these are 1/72 scale and seem just too big to work with the Hinton Hunt figures. I have more guns than spare crews so at the moment the crews are fixed to bases but not the guns, so they can be mixed and matched.


lewisgunner said...

A delightful piece. Would adrop of dark grey down the barrell and some planks of wood for her to stand on (cut Balsa) just help to make it a more perfect scene. After all these guns are really only used in positional warfare.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Roy

I've spent the last two or three weeks painting vast numbers of plastic battlefield accessories from Italeri, Imex, Esci etc. These include a large number of gabioned artillery positions with plank bases - I think this is where the siege guns may appear. I may not base the other spare crew I currently have, to accommodate this