Saturday, 28 February 2009

Artillery digression #1 -ACW project

The Musket Miniatures artillery pieces I ordered on the recommendation of a couple of blog readers are now finished and I am really pleased with how they work with the Hinton Hunt crews. These pieces, officially scaled at 22mm, are very delicate and remind me to some extent of the Hinchliffe 20mm Napoleonic guns, which, as you may remember, Peter Gilder seems to have used with his Napoleonic gun crews.
As the ACW figures I have are mainly, I think, pirates and recasts, the contrast with the delicate Musket Miniatures artillery pieces is greater but still, I think, works. They have a wide range of different artillery pieces, available in packs of four, single types or mixed. I got a pack of four smooth bores (2 Napoleons and 2 6 pounders, and a mixed pack of rifled artillery, including Armstrong, Blakely, Whitworth and Wiard guns.


Don said...

Good job Clive. They came out very nicely.


Excellent.I've added my wargame figures to my blog Fighting Mad.I'm going to show themn all with time.There is also ITALIAN WARS OF INDEPENCE