Friday, 16 January 2009

ACW Infantry conversion #1 Union infantry

This picture includes two more types of "dodgy casting". One is a straight home cast version of the standard US 6 Infantry charging figure. The other (figures on left of picture) are converted BN 5, British Napoleonic line infantry charging. The give away here is the shape of the pack. It looks like whoever made these figures converted one of the British Napoleonic figures, essentially either by remodelling the shako into a kepi, or by replacing the head with an ACW one - I haven't looked closely enough to decide which - then used this as a master to produce many copies. The partly formed bases of most of these figures are a telltale sign of home casting or pirating. They do provide a good approximation for the wargaming table of the intended figure.


Maverick Collecting said...

I'm always facinated by these copies, I have some very good castings of the Airfix Civilians and some excellent, factory painted (Gloss 'Toy Soldier' style) copies of the Esci Austrians, any body know A) who made them? B) any details of other pirates of/in metal, are any on TMP?

The Old Metal Detector said...

I've been sent some pictures a while ago of some very good looking metal copies of Accurate/Revell ACW plastics - I'll e-mail you a link Hugh if you want to have a look at them


Maverick Collecting said...

Found the Accurate/Revell pics following action after you eMial! Very interesting - Unlike the owner, I'll be looking to find some! Thanks