Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hinton Hunt Painting Instructions

One thing which distinguished Hinton Hunt figures from some of their rivals was that they were supplied with typescript painting instructions. Clearly this was incredibly useful for wargamers before the advent of t'intenet and even (dare we say) Ospreys. Some other manufacturers did the same or similar - I have just published on the Old Metal Detector blog the uniform painting details table for Les Higgins 25mm Napoleonic Range from the c 1976 (because that's the date on the inserted price list) Phoenix Catalogue and Handbook, and previously blogged there about some of the instructions provided by Douglas Miniatures, both in their catalogue and on typewritten slips. The Hinchliffe Handbook of 1976 has painting tables and text notes together called colour guides for all the ranges in their catalogue. Indeed, some people chose Hinton Hunt as their manufacturer of choice because of this painting information service. If you have looked at the link to Marcus Hinton's uniform scrapbooks on Ian's Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargames Figures blog you will know that attention to detail which was exceptional for his time was one of Marcus Hinton's great strengths in his massive achievement of the Napoleonic (and other) figure ranges.

In a bit of communications confusion I received some examples of these from Trevor, who I think meant to send them to Ian in response to a request on his blog for information on how to paint Light Infantry Voltigeur figures, and lamenting the lack of original painting instructions.

I am posting them here, together with some notes Trevor took at the time for the other (non officer/bugler) Voltigeurs from another instruction sheet. I think they will be of general interest to anyone collecting, gaming with, or just fondly remembering Hinton Hunt figures.

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