Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hinton Hunt Painting Instructions: FN 82-85 Light Infantry Voltigeurs

Trevor doesn't have the original sheets for the rank-and-file voltigeurs (if you can call them that with their colpacks)but has sent this information from handwritten notes, possibly taken from a friend's painting instruction sheet for these troops:


Busby - Black fur with yellow bag with cords and tassels and plume, top half yellow bottom half red.

Coat - Medium/dark blue with cuffs, lapels and turnbacks medium/dark blue. Cuffs, lapels and turnbacks all piped white. White bugle horn badges on turnbacks. Collar yellow, piped red and epaulettes green, yellow crescents. All buttons silver. Cuff slashes red, piped white.

Waistcoat - Medium/dark blue with silver buttons.

Breeches - Medium/dark blue

Gaiters - Black

Shoes - Black

Cross straps, pack straps and musket sling - All white
Sword and bayonet - Sword hilt and fittings brass. Bayonet and sword scabbard - black leather. Sword knot green with yellow top to tassel

Ammunition pouch - Black leather with brass bugle horn ornament. Soft blue cap rolled beneath ammunition pouch with yellow tassel.

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