Sunday, 30 November 2008

ACW Conversions: Pop Quiz

Here are two conversions, one of Confederate cavalrymen and another of an infantry officer. I am interested in whether people will identify the base figures. Considerably easier for the officer than the cavalrymen, I think - I will be mildly surprised if you get that one.


Don said...

By any chance would the base figure for the officer be RN23 Russian Officer in greatcoat charging?

Anonymous said...

Looks like FN 11 Officer charging
to me

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

From the saddle cloths I'd say the cavalry may originally have been Hussars??

The officer looks like he's had the bottom part of his overcoat added - so suspect he may originally have been Napoleonic? Prussian/Brunswicker?

The Old Metal Detector said...

Give that man Paul a coconut - FN11, French Napoleonic Infnatry officer in greatcoat it is. Steve is in sort of the right general area on the cavalry front, in the same way Don was close on the infantry guy. He makes a nice figure, doen't he?

If anyone knows a good source for separate cavalry arms, I need about 44 (bit of a hinton hint)


PAUL said...

Hi Clive

FN 44 Guard lancer perhaps ?

The Old Metal Detector said...

You picked up on my subtle clue, then? Bit of a drastic conversion and a bit hard top believe, even with the figure in front of me.


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