Saturday, 13 December 2008

ACW project

One of the projects which has been on hold because of work on the three blogs is my ACW one. About 18 months ago I acquired a largish (400 or so figures) collection of Hinton Hunt ACW figures in very tatty paint jobs and with obviously poor castings. I stripped some of the figures and sorted them out; they included a number of conversions from Hinton Hunt napoleonic figures. In additon to the cavalry from FN44 figures and the officer from FN 11 which have been posted previously, they also included some Prussian PN 3 line infantry charging, which had had their shakos cut down into kepis. I fiddled around a bit with these to turn them into a Landwehr battalion.

The figures are very poor castings and I suspect may not be original Hinton Hunt production. The infantry figures contain a vast over representation of zouaves, both Confederate and Union. I also have some other completed units with original figures, not just Hinton Hunt but also from Jacklex, Rose, Minifigs 20mm and Minifigs S range ACW. A recent major PC meltdown led to a temporary halt on blog activities so I have made a start on getting these figures into service.

I started with the foot generals for both sides, followed by the artillery, and am now in mid-cavalry mode. With the other manufactures, particularly Minifigs 20mm and Jacklex, there are around 100 mounted troops and I am in the process of sorting these out.

I'm hoping they will all work reasonaly well together. I am thinking of this as a medium term project and hope to make some reasonable progress soon.


Stryker said...

Hi Clive

A really fascinating series of posts and pictures. The ACW figures do seem to be at the blobby end of the HH spectrum but look great all the same. Those officers on foot are particularly nice. As you know, I am a fan of simple basing for these lovely old figures and look forward to seeing more pics.


Anonymous said...

Clive, Ref your Prussian FT with cut down shakos. Why not make them into Prussian Reserve infantry. There were many battalions of these and HH did not make an appropriate figure!