Saturday, 13 December 2008

ACW project: Confederate Cavalry - two units

Here is the completed unit of Confederate cavalry which seem to have been converted from FN 44, horse-attached Guard Lancers with separate arms, a picture of which has been previously posted.
I haven't quite worked out the story on separate arms available from Hinton Hunt. Until I started painting them, I assumed the right arms for these figures had been made from cut down arms with lances for FN 44; but now I've looked at them in more detail they look like they have always been carbines. If anyone (Roy?) has a definitive answer on what separate arms were available, holding what, and for which figures, I would be glad to know - also if anyone has a stash of spare lancer arms for FN 44s as I have quite a few of these but no arms for them.

The second unit are a recent acquisition of 12 rather nicely painted CS 4 figures. My interference with them has been limited to rebasing and spraying with plastidip to seal them.

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lewisgunner said...

The charging copies are someone's conversion, as you say on an HH figure that could well be the French Red lancer.
As far as I am aware the only separate arm figures were the French guard lancer and trumpeter. I don't ever recall seeing others, either as arms or as bodies.

Your second lot are definitely the HH figure there were only two cavalry figures for ACW, one Confed Virginia cavalry and one Union trooper, both on very staid standing horses.