Saturday, 13 December 2008

ACW project: RSM 95 20mm ACW Mounted Generals

One glaring gap in the Hinton Hunt ACW range is the lack of any mounted generals. The ones on foot are very welcome and quite stylish (particularly the Confederate CS 7) but somehow I feel divisional commanders and above should swan around on horseback. I found I had two examples of this figure, which is an RSM 95 from their 20mm ACW range, which I think was originally designed by Steve Hezzlewood under the Pax Britannica banner. I have painted one for the Union and one for the Confederacy - he is painted, honest, but on the photo he doesn't really look like it. I've mounted them on S Range horses and am quite pleased with the result. There are some Confederate Generals from Jacklex on the next post, and I have some more to paint, to populate the upper echelons of these forces.

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