Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ancient News

I have always tried to avoid an interest in Ancients, which may be strange in view of my classical education. I think this is partly because of the vast number of different nationalities, periods and troops covered by the period; partly because it makes me feel I may have some small control on my obsession if there is a period I don't "do"; and mainly because of Phil Barker, WRG, army lists, and endless discussions on the romphaia based on readings of Penguin Classics translations.

Consequently all three blogs are likely to be very light on Ancients, as I don't have many figures myself.

A very generous gift of some original Hinton Hunt Persian figures (thanks Alan) means I am now making at least a token effort on the Hinton Hunter. Vintage 20mil has a list of Ancient figures but does not claim it is comprehensive; the photocopy of an original Hinton Hunt catalogue I have contains no lists of this range.

Identifications of these figures are considerably more tentative than those for the Napoleonic figures. As ever, if you know better, some information via the comments system would be very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have every one of the Ancients figures and must try and get some pics to you!!


The Old Metal Detector said...

They would be very welcome



Anonymous said...

Re: < have some small control on my obsession >, come on, I gave up kidding myself years ago!

The Old Metal Detector said...

Sorry for late publication ogf your comment Matt - blogger forgot to notify me you had made it!