Monday, 28 May 2018

My least favourite Hinton Hint figure of all time...

This is my least favourite Hinton Hunt figure of all time.

Or to be more accurate, Hinton Hunt based figure.

I have had about ten of these, black undercoated, for some time; I had seriously thought of throwing them away.

Then a recent eBay purchase of around 30 well painted figures and around 20 part painted or unpainted turned out to be these, which gave me the option with the ones I already had to raise a second battalion.

Essentially the figure is a marching French infantryman which has been given a round hat with plume. Presumably it is intended either to be British Marine or round hat infantry, or Swedes.

I had thought they were unusable but having some nicely painted ones convinced me to paint up the others. They'll do from a distance.

I haven't been able to identify what they are supposed to be from old David Clayton lists.


Rob said...

You could perhaps paint them up as Spanish? Some of their units raised during the war wore round hats. Brown uniforms would make a nice change, although the officers will probably need their bicorne worn crossways à la Nelson.

Captain Nolan said...

I believe the are Swedish troops. Take a look at this:

Vintage Wargaming said...

I have no doubt they may have been intended to be Swedes but there is no way sticking a Royal Marine hat on a French infantryman even approximates to a half way acceptable Swede- especially as Marcus Hinton had done perfectly good Swedes already. You would think if you were going to take the time and trouble to produce the conversion you would at least make it useful. Unless I am missing something really obvious.

Captain Nolan said...

I actually quite like the unit you have created. The look far better than the figures I have seen painted as Swedes.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Half of them (yellow facings) came painted, the blue facings I did. They meet the six foot rule.

lewisgunner said...

I had some too and faced a similar problem.
I think I repurposed them as Lippe Detmold or something similar, in white.
There was a unifirm of the Spanish Guards ( I think the Irish) when in between having bicornes and eventually shakos, fir a brief period they had the old blue coat and a top hat!
As you say its the sirt of figure that makes you go Aaargh! when you open the pack and realise what they are.....No not Swedes, not Swedes in a Million years.