Saturday, 1 February 2014

Two more Napoleonic units - British and Spanish infantry

I think both of these units may be Der Kriegspieler figures - I painted and based them quite a while ago and have only just got round to photographng them. When I feel brave I may get the Green Stuff out and have a go at adding greatcoats to some command figures for the British. The Spanish officers are from Douglas Miniatures - not a very good photo I am afraid.

I do have a large number of Spanish and Portuguese infantry battalions which I have acquired and which are waiting painting - the Portuguese are eight line and two cacadores battalions, all Hinton Hunt, with a third Der Kriegspieler cacadore battalion; and four and a half Hinton and three Douglas Spanish line battalions. It may be a while until I get round to these, but it will beef up all my Portuguese brigades in British Divisions to full strength, and bring my Spanish contingent up to one and a half strong or two weak divisions.


Stryker said...

Lovely looking units Clive - I hadn't clocked the fact that there was a British figure in greatcoat in the range. Are these based for C&C?

Vintage Wargaming said...

Ian - nothing quite as advanced as that - I just deceided when I started with my Hintons a few years ago I would go with 20mm x 20mm per foot figure, with 20mm x 40mm for heavy cavalry and 30mm x 40mm for some light cavalry. Infantry tend to be three in a single line (British and some allies) or three files by two ranks for others. They will work fine for C and C and I have MDF sabots to place whole units on. Most recently for other projects I am going either for figures mounted on pennies and movement trays with penny sized holes, or individual 20mm x 20mm and lipped movement trays, all from Warbases. As I knew I would need several years of painting before I could hope to have anything set up for gaming (I don't have space for both at the same time) I just decided I would go with a basing convention and stick with it.