Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Colonel General of Hussars 1804

 I am sitting here looking at a large collection of military postcards which arrived today. There are around 80 sets of Rene North Paint Your Own Cards, unopened in their original envelopes,around ten unopened packets of Charles Stadden and others, along with some loose cards from the Imperial War Museum and other series.

If anyone has an FN 358, General Andoche Junot in his uniform as the Colonel General of Hussars, ready to paint this card may provide an additional reference to the Hinton Hunt painting instructions posted here.

I will add this image to that post as well. Blogger is messing up the format of this post - I apologise for this and will try to fix it later


Stryker said...

Thanks for that Clive - I may just put him to the front of the queue!

lewisgunner said...

Hurrah, is this the first post for a full year?
Good to have you back, how is the foot?


Vintage Wargaming said...

Well Roy the foot is out of the boot. Vintage Wargaming has taken over a bit from the Hinton Hunter, though not much has been happening over there either. I have pretty much covered all the figures now and haven't been painting Napoleonics much. Will be looking at the potential to add some of the Rene North Paint-Your-Own cards to some posts here as vintage uniform information.