Tuesday, 4 October 2011

BN 213 British Light Dragoon in Tarleton

My first Napoleonics completed in a while, and the picture was not helped by needing to use the flash.

I am hopeful of eventually being able to field three regiments of these light dragoons and two of their heavy counterparts in bicornes. These will then provide the cavalry element for my early war British. I have a division's worth of line infantry in stovepipe shakos and at least a division's worth of light infantry and rifles. Just need to properly organise my French Line into pre Bardin and post Bardin divisions.

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lewisgunner said...

Nice but may I suggest that
You put a red/brown wash on the faces to bring out the features.
The horses have too mmany white socks. Nice detail, but some have none, some one , some two, some three.