Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hinton Hunt Painting Instructions: and 1001 posts

Today I have mostly been adding around 60 sets of original Hinton Hunt painting instructions to the blog. The catalogue described these a "for the collector who likes to paint his own figures" and were typescript single sheets of paper. A recent joint purchase of a big Hinton Hunt collection included a large number of these - thanks to John C for scanning these. This is the kind of ephemera which can easily disappear so I am very happy to be able to make them generally available through the blog.

After a little thought I have decided the best thing to do was to add them to individual figure posts. There are now (I think) 139 posts including these instructions - some covered four or five different figures - eg all the foot artillery poses, or 1812 fusiliers.

Searching using the "painting instructions" label will show you which posts now include these. However, I also thought it might be useful to have a list of which figures are covered so I have produced one and attached it below. It goes without saying that if anyone has copies of any further sets of these which are not represented here, I would be very glad to receive them or scans of them for inclusion here.

Although the painting instructions date back to the 1960s Marcus Hinton was a thorough uniform researcher, not least because for his 54mm collectors figures. This is also apparent from his scrapbook. The painting noted for Napoleon, his marshals and generals are particularly interesting.

While going through this exercise I also realised I needed to add a post for FN 304, French Imperial Guard Red Lancer. What I failed to realise was that this made post 1000. So I have missed the millennium, but only just.

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