Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Stock Take

This blog now has postings for all Hinton Hunt figures, with the exception of the very small Restoration range, and the Ancient ranges, of which I have few examples.

I have also just been through the blog to make sure all figures without pictures have been tagged with the "missing picture" label. This means you can now use this label to identify thoose figures for which I have no pictures - if you can then send me photos (or even examples of these figures!) that would help make the coverage of the blog more complete.

I also intend to continue to add pictures of painted units as I complete them - these should include Napoleonics and Medievals.

However, the cataloguing function of the blog is now as near as complete as I can get it, barring further assistance with missing pictures as above. I remain surprised and pleased how well blogger has worked to do something for which it is not designed - providing a catalogue.


Stryker said...

Sorry Clive, I've just nominated you for the Blogger award - well I had to didn't I?


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Ian, thank you for thinking of me but I’m not accepting nominations (nor making posts saying I’ve been nominated twice as often as anyone else but have some principle which means I don’t think much of it – though look at how many times I have been nominated. Just not my kind of thing – seems more exclusive now to be a blogger without one! No criticism intended of anyone else though (apart from the people in brackets above). The other thing about it is of course I’m not nominating anyone myself so can’t return the compliment.