Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bavarian National Contingent

A very small contingent of one and a half battalions of infantry (the charging figures are Der Kriegspieler, the rest Hinton Hunt) and a squadron of 4 chevauleger. I think I may have a spare Prussian ADC who may get pressed into service as a Bavarian General, if I can find him.

At the moment they are destined to be brigaded with Hesse Darmstadt and Baden units in a generic German formation, once the other battalions have been completed.


Stryker said...

They look great Clive - can't be many contingents left to do now?


The Old Metal Detector said...

Ian, doing other minor German States just now - DK Baden and a second Hesse Darmsdadt battalions. There have been some Prussian DK reinforcements which need painting - Landwehr infantry and lancers, and some hussars - then it's the Austrians - they should be more a sorting out job than a big painting one. Then some DK British Foot Artillery; then the whole lot of French artillery; and then that only leaves the French and British to go - I think around 40 battalions a side still needing painting, I think....and a fair amount of cavalry.

So yes, but the two big ones to go. I was surprised how far I had gt with painting them already, though.