Saturday, 1 January 2011

Russian National Contingent reinforcements: artillery team

A bit of a mixture - Newline gun and limber, Hinton Hunt limber horses, Der Kriegspieler or Hinton Hunt artillery drivers. The two part base system accommodates a pair of horses and driver, limber and room for the gun on tow on the main base, with a second pair of horses with driver on a second base. This is the system I adopted for my British artillery, mainly as a way to stretch a limited number of horses further. Here each limber has a pair of horses, while I also have a number of additional 2- and 4- horse bases to add to the teams as required.

I have a few more Russian artillery drivers which I would be happy to swap for Russian gunners, if anyone has any spare - I would like to stretch to a second gun crew for the Russians.

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