Sunday, 30 January 2011

Grand Duchy of Warsaw National Contingent: Infantry Units 4

The first unit are Alberken Voltigeurs. This includes a good illustration of the officer - in some of the other units standard bearers are conversions of this figure.

This is a slightly understrength battalion using up the figures left over from the other units.

The only white uniformed Polish infantry unit was the 13th Infantry Regiment. I have wondered about overhauling and repainting these as another unit, but as the figures are fairly rough castings and already based, so far I have resisted the temptation'

The officer and standard bearer are converted infantrymen. The unbit also currently boasts three drummers (two of them Alberken). None of the other units have drummers - perhaps this is a reason to redo this unit and redistributre these figures. However, as this would mean at most three units with drummers, perhaps it is as strong an argument for leaving them be.

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