Saturday, 1 January 2011

Der Kriegspieler Brunswick Oels

Finally painted up as the Brunswick Oels for the Peninsula, these Der Kriegspielers Brunsickers are joined by Hinton Hunt original officers and marching, charging and firing figures (the five figure from the left on the ront row).

The weather has meant it has been impossible to complete figures with their usual spray of plastidip, but some painting has been going on in the mean time.

These have the potential to become one large battalion or two normal sized battalions with the addition of the shrarpshooter companies, some of which I bought painted from the late Terry Wise.

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Captain Nolan said...

Dear Hinton Hunter,

I am beginning a Hinton Hunt/DK collection (for wargaming). If you have any HH or DK figures that you would be willing to part with, please contact me at my blog:

Thank you,

Captain Nolan