Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brunswick National Contingent

I've brought my Brunswickers down from the loft to photograph the national contingent and here are the Hinton Hunt ones - the S Range, Douglas, Kirk and other figures will appear on the Lone S Ranger and Old Metal Detector blogs.

My regret about the Hinton Hunt Brunswickers are that they are for the Hunrded Days Campaign - not really suitable for my preference of the Peninsula, where the earlier Polrock is preferable - this is where the figures from other manufacturers come into their own. Also Marcus Hinton made Leib Battalion (Guard) and Avant Garde but not line battalion figures.

Moving down the pictures, we have the Duke of Brusnwick, and with infantry, then the Avant Garde (not a Cubist in sight), then more infantry, the hussars, and some pictures of the massed Hinton Hunt forces.

Some of the hussars and some of the firing infantry I bought painted from Terry Wise, so they have a poignant feel to them.

I have a third battalion of unpainted der Kriegspielers waiting to reinforce this contingent.


Paul said...

Hi Clive
I have never seen any myself
but are not BRN 14 , 15 & 16 line infantry ?


The Old Metal Detector said...

Paul, you're quite right of course - they're not listed in any of the original catalogues I have but they are on the Hinton listing on Vintage 20mil - must have been later addiitions - well spotted and thanks for pointing this out. BRN 14 are even posted and illustrated elesewhere on this blog (though the figures pictured are not my own)

Stryker said...

Hi Clive - a really superb looking force! I see there are no lancers present are these really hard to find? I thought I had one but it turned out to be a Frenchie in disguise.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Ian, I've never seen any around either - that doesn't mean they are not out there. The figure posted elsewhere here is someone else's.

Have you looked at the posts on the Lone S Ranger and Old Metal Detector for the other Brunswickers? They are good too - I like the Douglas ones particularly, and the Kirk ones are actually decent figures