Friday, 3 September 2010

Crimean War Units: Russian Infantry

Specially for John, here are two units of Hinton Hunt Crimean Russian infantry who could not be used as Napoleonic units.

I thought I had already posted pictures of these units - I remember taking the photos - but I can't find them anywhere.

Of course the timewarp works both ways and I expect my Napoleonic Russians in hat and greatcoats (the Der Krigspielers posted below) to appear in the Crimean ranks in return.


johnpreece said...

Thank you for the pictures, do you take requests now?

These are very nice little figures, the first time I have actually seen any of this range. Though I vaguely remember seeing some in a Sunday Times colour supplement many years ago.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Well there's no harm in asking.

I haven't got many more of these, I have slightly more Douglas Miniatures Crimeans (now available again of course from John Cunningham). The two ranges are very compatible.


lewisgunner said...

They are lovely. I never could resolve the question of the Russian greatcoat. was it brown or was it grey.
I have gone for brown based IIRC on the Tradition Crimean issue, but one can find secondary sources for both.
Its a pity that MH did not make Brits in greatcoats too as a battle of brown greatcoats v grey blue ones at Inkerman would be fun. Pity too that there were no artillery, drummers, standard bearers or cavalry for either side (except the 17th/21st lancers.) That makes a battle rather difficult. However, with all these new Douglas coming on stream from John hopefully the deficiencies will be remedied. Tumbling dice do some 1/72 Russians and Brits too , if a modern figure does not offend.

The Old Metal Detector said...

HI Roy, the S Range Crimeans are one of my favourite ranges - my avatar here is the British infantry officer in top hat and umbrella. i have just found a little stash of Tumbling Dice figures - they would fit with S Range reasonably well I think, but not Douglas or Hinton Hunt. The Tradition 25mm Crimeans are very elegant too.