Thursday, 26 August 2010

Der Kriegspielers

My Russian, Brunswick, and Portuguese contingents have recently received reinforcements in the shape of der Kriegspieler units: I have also acquired a battalion of Hesse-Darmsdadt infantry. Know I need to try to work out whether I really did keep hold of one HD officer when I sold off the few figures I had for this unit - and if so where is the safe place I put him.

Some of these are identical to Hinton Hunt figures, others are in other poses or configurations. Identifications to go with the pictures, and a few extra notes, are available over on The Old Metal Detector.

Their imminent arrival persuaded me to finally get round to painting up a typically colourful Der K unit I already had, a battalion bag of Serbian Freikorps. The officer is a David Clayton casting of a Hungarian infantry officer. Uniform is from Knotel, although there are some differences in the trouser department with these DK figures. I couldn't find a uniform reference for officers so this is a compromise based on the figure I had available and some guesswork. The infantry's coats look to be the same as Portuguese Cacadore jackets. My one regret is many of the Aladdin pointy toes had broken on these figures.

The pictures show the unit painted: the figures from a number of angles before painting; the listing for Austrian special volunteer units from a catalogue; and what a bagged Der Kriegspieler unit looks like.

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