Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wargames Holiday Centre: original 20mm armies

Mike Ingham, who bought the Wargames Holiday Centre in Scarborough from Peter Gilder, has been in touch with some photographs of the original Napoleonic units used at the Centre, before they were replaced by Hinchliffe and Connoisseur figures. Peter Gilder did buy painted figures and also had figures painted by others for the Centre. My own feeling, from comparisons with the figures I have from Peter Gilder's own Hinton Hunt French army, are that the British and Hanoverians, along with possibly the Russian and Austrian Hussars shown below, may be Peter Gilder's own work.

Mike has also sent me pictures of other units which use figures from other manufacturers - these will appear in due course on the Old Metal Detector and Lone S Ranger blogs.

The photograph shows Don Featherstone visiting Peter Gilder (or is it the young John Peel?) from Wargamer's Newsletter in 1974.


Tony said...

I visited the Wargames Holiday Centre just the one time, some years ago now, but the experience and some photos are still around here somewhere.

It was the battle of Salamancar (I think) and I was up at the WHC for Friday night, all day Saturday and some of Sunday.

A great weekend away.


Steven Jordan said...

I spent a wonderful week with Peter Gilder at his home in Thornton Le Dale in, I think, 1976. The other two people couldn't make it for the warfare holiday due to illness.
Instead of cancelling Peter very kindly honoured my booking. We fought ACW mainly during the week. Peter taught me various painting techniques. I shall never forget his generosity, I had an unforgettable experience.
Steve Jordan