Friday, 5 March 2010

The Prussians: finishing touches

Almost the finishing touches to the Prussians - 2 more ADCs (I have one more of these but I have to find him a replacement horse) and some David Clayton castings of PN 39 Landwehr Lancer charging. This finally meets my shortage of Prussian light cavalry.

In the picture of the lancers you can see how some of the bases have not been completely formed. Six of these lancers (which came in an original pack) suffered from the back end of the lance having been bent in the mould and therefore cast on to the valise at the back of the figure. It wasn't possible to separate these so I opted for clipping them off with a pair of side cutters - this leaves the lances short and unbalanced at the rear, but this seemed preferable to mis-shapen lumps of lead attached to their lower backs.

I have now received some replacement cast arms for my separate-arm line lancers and I have to decide whether to replace the temporary solution of plastic arms from the Emhar charge of the light brigade set I used as a temporary solution on these figures. They are certainly daintier than the metal arms but I may keep them as they are for a while to see if they stand up to handling.

I feel a Prussian contingent parade and review may be coming on this weekend.

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