Saturday, 2 January 2010

Swedish General

Following Stryker's lead on Vintage Hinton Hunt Wargame Figures I have provided a General for my Swedish forces by using an Austrian General AN102. For quite a while the only one of these I had was one which someone had enthusiastically painted in enamels with a red coat. Having acquired a few more recently I decided I could spare this figure to use as the basis for a repaint job to Swedish General, and I am pleased with the results. I have also located 12 stray David Clayton castings of SWN 7 Swedish Infantryman marching, which I had forgotten I had. When these are painted up that will give me pretty much a three battalion force, so he also gets a decent command.

I have also acquired some extra Prussian personality and command figures, along with the Austrians and two Russian Generals. I plan to use one of the Russians as Prussian, to add variety, and in return paint my last Prussian General as Russian. I have also picked up some British and Prussian ADCs, and even some British Staff Corps Troopers, so I think there will soon need to be a push on command figures.

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