Sunday, 10 January 2010

Spanish Reinforcements

Recent reinforcements have arrived which will bring my Spanish regulars up to full brigade strength, with two line battalions and a light battalion.

The pictures are of the reinforcements fresh from painting. The light infantry are Der Kriegspieler 240 Light Infantry Battalion firing - otherwise Hinton Hunt SN 5 line infantry firing sans bayonets; the officer is a PTN 6 Portuguese Officer marching painted to match.

The line infantry figures are David Clayton castings of SN 7 Private marching.

I am also waiting reinforcements for my guerillas, which will bring them up to around 50 strong, plus my 9 muleteers with carts and mules. I have three general officers and a colonel from Rose Wellington figures (previously posted) and I am wondering about using some Minifigs 20mm Austrian artillerymen to approximate Spanish gunners to provide a supporting battery - not sure what guns to use, maybe Newline British or French 6 pounders. I do have two NapoleoN Spanish gun crews, they are nice figures but I am not 100% happy with the match, so maybe less accurate uniform detail but more compatible build may be preferable.

I have some Der K Portuguese Cacadores reinforcements too, more of these later when finished.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Or in the spirit of manana, never do today what may be
pout off until tomorrow...

lewisgunner said...

Its a delightful vignette!!

I thought the Spanish moved to bell tops in 1809 and to stove pipes with that white vertical ribbon in1812//
Still they probaqbaly had crews in bicornes for as long as the hat was wearable

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Roy, somehow your comment has appeared here and my reply on the other post - what I said was - Roy, my information is that the bell-topped, French-style shako became official dress for the Spanish artillery by general order of 12 Dec 1811. I could be wrong, though.