Monday, 21 December 2009

Callan: Peter Gilder Hinton Hunt figure pictures on Wargaming Miscellany

Bob Cordery has posted some nice stills from an Act of Kindness, an episode of the Callan TV series, over on his Wargaming Miscellany blog.

These may not actually be Peter Gilder's figures, but as PG supplied the figures for the Callan film it seems at least possible, if not definitely likely. I particularly like the first picture Bob has posted, of Hinton Hunt RHA crewing what may be a Hinchliffe 20mm gun - it is certainly not a Hinton Hunt artillery piece, far too nice for that.

Having just looked at it again though I am not too sure - not quite nice enough for Hinclliffe 20mm artillery piece, maybe, and it has a limber pulled by what looks like an Airfix Indians horse. The Hinchliffe 20mm limbers, however, had no teams, so this could help support that interpretation).

The angle of the photos doesn't allow for a definite identification. I do know, from the Peter Gilder figures in my possession, that he preferred to use Hinton Hunt crews with Hinchliffe 20mm artillery pieces.

I would encourage you to use the link above to view Bob's post.

Bob has kindly sent me these pictures - I've added two to the post but still recommend you check out his interesting blog. Thanks Bob!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

The cannon has wheels that look very like those used on Rose Miniatures cannons (I have several of the ACW cannons Rose produced); perhaps it is one from that manufacturer?

Bob Cordery

The Old Metal Detector said...

Bob, I understand Rob Young at Garrison has the mould for the Rose cannon. I haven't seen the British one but I have a couple of the French guns, they are nice and clean but not up to the same standard as the Hinchliffe 20mm (but then, what was?)