Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Swedish Contingent

I was thinking I had enough figures for one strong or two weak battalions when I found 24 painted Der Kriegspieler Swedes I had no recollection of having (the blue battalion). Now I am tempted to try and field one blue and two weak grey battalions. I am an officer short but I think I have some spare Brunswick Avant Garde figures, one of which could stand in.

The grey battalion is interesting because it includes four different types of Hinton Hunt figures. The two officers and three or four infantrymen are from the original reference collection which inspired the creation of this blog - these are genuine early Hinton Hunt castings. There are four David Clayton castings 0f SWN 4 charging infantrymen. There are 8 Der Kriegspieler versions of this figure (these can be identified by their packs, which are not present on the original Hinton Hunt and then the David Clayton figures). Finally there are some SWN 7 marching infantrymen. Two of these are original Hinton Hunts, the others came via Ian of Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargames Figures blog fame. They are decent castings but have very thick bases. I know these are not original Hinton Hunt or Der Kriegspieler figures;; I am 99% certain they are not David Clayton figures; so I am now wondering if maybe they came from the Replacement Depot (though I don't know whether their figures had thick bases).

All in all a surprise to have this many Swedes, though nowhere near as impressive as Ian's Swedes.


Stryker said...

Hi Clive - a fine looking field of Swedes! I just realised that you bought the blue DK ones from me on eBay some time ago. They were included in my original Swede purchase from the States a couple of years back.


lewisgunner said...

And very fine they all looked in the flesh too!
I made a flying visit to Clive and saw a small selection of his wonderful collection of Hh and HH compatibles, clones etc. Really very impressive, especially his ex Peter Gilder cavalry. We were admiring those over-long when the fierce wife arrived at the door to remind me that we had to be back at my uncle's in Sunderland by one o'clock. Thanks again Clive for a sight of all your lovely stuff and 90 minutes of really fascinating conversation