Thursday, 5 November 2009

Iberian Contingent - Spanish Line infantry

These two photographs show my current Spanish line infantry forces. They form either one strong or two weak battalions. The top picture shows David Clayton castings (with bayonets), two original Hinton Hunt officer figures and a mounted colonel made from a very early Rose 20mm figure of the Duke of Wellington (see also post below on Spanish Generals). The grenadier company (red plumes) are original Hinton Hunt castings.

The second picture shows original Hinton Hunt figures (minus bayonets) accompanied by a marching Portuguese officer painted as Spanish. I am well supplied with charging Portuguese officers but short of these, so in due course he may return to his true colours and be replaced by a charging colleague. (The Spanish and Portuguese officers are most easily distinguished by the shoulder belt - if it's there he's Portuguese.)

It's also interesting (I think) to note that the original Hinton Hunt Spanish infantry figures have a wooden cylindrical canteen while on the Clayton figures these have been flattened into a water bottle.

I am hoping to secure in the near future some reinforcements of 12 David Clayton marching figures and 18 Der Kriegspieler Spanish light infantry - I haven't seen these or a picture of them, so am not sure what to expect. This would then enable me to field a weak brigade plus guerrillas.

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