Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Replacement Depot

Another US source of Hinton Hunt "tribute" figures seems to have been The Repalcement Depot of Rockaway Park, New York. The Courier, the bulletin of the New England Wargamers Association, carried an enthusiatic review and a listing of figures in its Volume III Issue No 4 in 1971.

There seem to be some figures not present in the Hinton Hunt range - for example sapeurs in bearskins and shako - contained in the list. The copy I have has two blank double pages within these lists but it looks like they may have been complete. It certainly would be unusual to release such a full range in one go, rather than bit by bit.

I haven't to my knowledge ever seen any Replacement Depot figures so would be grateful to hear from anyone who has any further information.

Reproduced below are the review and the original figure listing from the Courier.

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