Monday, 17 August 2009

Der Kriegspielers

While their exact relationship to Hinton Hunt figures is still disputed, Der Kriegspieler figures may be of interest to Napoleonic collectors of Hinton Hunt figures. I have posted new (better) scans of listings from the 1975 Walthers catalogue over on the Old Metal Detector blog.

The picture with this post is of Der Kriegspieler Portuguese infantry 243, almost identical to Hinton Hunt PTN 4. As these DK figures are substantially thinner that the two battalions of Hinton Hunt figures I recently acquired with them, I distinguished them and bulked them out a bit by adding packs. The officers are Hinton Hunt, with a Kennington standard bearer and a NapoleoN drummer (with a very small shako).

The Hinton Hunt figures are painted in a blue I am finding it very hard to match with Vallejo acrylics, and I have a number of original Hinton Hunt figures to add tot hem to bring them up to my normal battalion strength. I therefor have to decide whether I can live with different shades, or whether I have to repaint 45 or so figures to achieve consistency. When they are eventually done I will post some pictures here.


lewisgunner said...

Have you some secret source of all these new figures? Is some old gamer tied up in your garden shed whilst you extort his stock??

The Port n cheese look very good. Have the figures with packs got straps that come over the shoulder to hold them? That would worry me more than a variation in colour. If they are all matted and on the same bases they will look fine.

The Old Metal Detector said...

What can I say Roy? I'm not really buying figures any more, just working my way through the lead pile, but occasionally something turns up...