Sunday, 7 June 2009

Peter Gilder Hinton Hunt pictures from Miniature Warfare

While looking for pictures such as these in John Tunstill's Miniature Warfare magazine, I also came across a series of articles of which I have no memory at all by Peter Gilder, called In the Grand Manner. This set out to describe the planning of a big Waterloo refight in Hull in 1970; it seems to have petered out after four articles, mainly on terrain. The series was illustrated by black and white photographs of Gilder's terrain and Hinton Hunt troops. I have posted this series of articles over on Vintage Wargaming.

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jan leniston said...

What a joy to read, again, Peter Gilders "In the Grand Manner". It brought back fond memories of the first time I read it, and how inspired I was to try something similar.

I imagine that Peter had not opened his Wargames Holiday Centre at that time? But clearly his thoughts on this game, if it every happened, were carried on to the Centre. I recall that his scenic boards were 3'x3' and the scenery very similar to how he describes it in the article.

Thanks for an enjoyable down memory lane.