Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Norman Conquest "Figures received" pictures from Miniature Warfare

John Tunstill published photographs of new figures received for review in Miniature Warfare magazine. The figures here are NCN 1 William the Conqueror, and NCN 3 Standard Bearer with the Pope's Sacred Banner(I think).


johnpreece said...

I remember saving up for these figures when they came out in 1966, I still have not bought them!

An early indication of the fickleness that would bedevil my wargaming.

I just wonder if the figure carrying a mace might not be bishop what'sname. I seem to remember that there was a bishop carrying a mace in the range. As veryschoolboy used to know bishops had maces because they were forbidden from spilling blood.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi John, you are thinking of Bishop Odo. Strelets do him (with a club) in their Norman Cavalry set, along with the Duke (William) also with a club. The Hinton Hunt figure, from the catalogue, is definitely William the Conqueror.

They seem to be pretty much the rarest Hinton Hunt figures (apart from the three Restoration ones, and possibly some of the Ancients).